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The Trouble With Trombones - by Vern Tegger (pdf) - added 5/15/09

The Bass, Third or BASE Trombone By Adrian Morris

Cleaning your Tombone by Chad Criswell

NPR story on Trombones

The Trombone Forum
If your question hasn't been asnwered, I'm sure someone here has asked the same thing or might be able to answer your question for you.

USCs Trombone Choir

Brass Resources

Musical Patents of the Past: An old patent for a slide self-oiler from July 1926. (pdf)

Handling, Care and Cleaning of a Slide Trombone (pdf)

Trumpet and Brass Playing FAQs

Sackbut Links

Will Kimball Trombone
Will Kimball is Associate Professor of Trombone at Brigham Young University and a professional alto and tenor trombonist (for more biographical information, see bio). Located here is information about his CD's, his research interests (breathing, alto trombone, and trombone history), BYU trombones, his schedule, and his trombone blog. Your comments, questions, and suggestions are most welcome!

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